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Working from our fully equipped and suitably illuminated facility, we offer exceptional services, including but not limited to:

Eye Examination

At Danitob eyecare, your ocular health is thoroughly evaluated through a wide range of diagnostic procedures. Our goal, always, is to recommend the most appropriate treatment procedures and make you happy.

Dry Eye Evaluation
& Management

With the sharp increase in the occurrence of dry eye, Danitob has taken the pains to stay at the cutting edge of scientific discoveries and technological innovation in the care of dry eye. We, thus, offer best-in-class management of this condition, helping you keep your eyes healthy while evolving into a leader in this domain.


Our doctors are professionally trained to diagnose, treat, and manage a wide variety of eye diseases and infections

Contact lens sale and evaluation

After examination, our doctors will help you find the most suitable contact lens for your specific needs


We stock a variety of stylish frames for your consideration, offering durable, fashionable and reasonably priced options.


We prescribe and dispense lenses based on the lifestyle and needs of our patients. Whether your specific requirement is driving at night, working on your computer, or protecting your eyes from the sun, you'll get the best from us.

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